Monday, March 22, 2010

the Nestle 'situation'

Social media in healthcare or any other sphere is supposed to be aimed at making things better - companies extract important info from the buzz about their products and then make corresponding changes. Companies listen to their customers, to experts expressing their opinions, etc. They don't ignore them and certainly don't do childish or foolish mistakes.

This is how I see it working in the ideal world.

What happens in reality is quite a dilemma and I've been thinking for a while about the way it could possibly be solved. Companies can listen to the critics, can be polite and look thoughtful to satisfy social media activists/participants for some period of time, but when it gets down to business... well. I suppose, not much will be done. There's a need for a fundamental change in everything for these companies, like for Nestle to deal with forest issues and palm oil. They need to change everything, because they've been doing things they do for a very long time. And doing them in other way is scary and not attractive at all. Smells like losing profits and cheap company cars (if any).

But there's no way out of this dilemma other than facing it, and good idea here is, to my view, for companies to turn to HCSM specialists for help. Or HCSM specialists should address companies on this issue. Cooperation is the key!
If healthcare bill could get passed, I believe now even stronger that this can be solved too!

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