Monday, March 15, 2010

Pushing to think your own thoughts

Yesterday I spent wonderful 1h and thirty-something minutes watching a documentary "Food, Inc" and this great piece of art finally released all my remaining fears about food. It's not that I never gave a thought about what I eat - contrary, I think of it quite a lot and read the small font on the packages. Now I will have to read even more attentively.

Being brought up by two scientists (organic chemists) I was being informed about the structure of everything I see from my early childhood and my parents tried to educate me in every aspect of life. I used to like to play with and read an "Encyclopedia of young chemist" and many other books on chemistry in my house, just to become a theoretical economist years later (oops). Imagine the disappointment of my parents!

I'm distracting a little bit from my initial purpose of posting - I was trying to say, I was taught to think and analyze everything all the time and this made me consider myself a quite smart person. And this documentary again proved me how little I know and how little an ordinary citizen can know.

What each and every citizen can do is: THINK, read small letters on the pack and be logical. I am not even speaking about thinking of a healthy diet and ignoring fast foods and etc.

I am so disappointed and frustrated that it's really hard to express.

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