Friday, March 12, 2010


Looks like I haven't been here for a while. I really do not want to merely re-post news and articles and information that I consider important, and my thoughts were really in a mess.
I tried to sit and take them down meticulously, but it never worked because of too many ideas and things to do besides blogging.

What do you do - we live in a crazy world full of information that is pouring on and in my head every day. Sometimes I think of it as a dependent intensive production line - you're responsible for it, you miss one thing and all the rest goes wild, and if well-automated, it can work smoothly without you - and again, you're overboard!

Today I again took part in an amazing initiative in Twitter - Healthcare and Social Media in EU - follow hash-tag #hcsmeu
Comparing to most participants, I am quite new to this and, after being distracted by some other business for 3-4 mins, I get back and see... what... around 50 more tweets. I've been 'out of production line' for such a short period of time and I already have to put in extra effort to catch up with discussion.

But I have to say - it is well worth it. I am looking forward to next Friday and next #hcsmeu - the discussion really works and hopefully it will lead to something important. As amateur I have very little contribution to the process, but I will try to work harder.

Thank you, HCSMEU guys!

General info here:

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