Friday, March 19, 2010

Prospective scientists, cardiologists, firefighters, writers and cosmonauts are getting heavier?

"Overweight kids are getting even heavier" - what? Seriously, is this some kind of joke? Our future is getting heavier? Prospective scientists, cardiologists, firefighters, writers and cosmonauts are getting heavier?

Bloomberg reports, that "Extreme obesity affects about 6.4 percent of children, according to a Kaiser Permanente study that suggests overweight kids are getting even heavier. More children are graduating from “obese” to “extremely obese,” according to the study, the first to evaluate kids using U.S. guidelines published last year that distinguish among degrees of obesity". You can read the full article here.

Such news blow my mind and make me very angry at many people - firstly, parents who failed to teach their kids to eat properly - it's hard with temptations all around, but no one said raising up a child is easy. But then I remember, that HQ & organic food costs more than junk and I think of how many people struggle today to earn a dime and I calm down a little and start being sympathetic. Just to become mad again passing to the thought that obesity is quite a long-time problem coming from the age of economical boom.

I am typing this right now and my heart is beating very fast - when news get to children I take them very close to my fast-beating heart.
Mostly because I realize that the whole world has to turn upside down to bring change for the environment kids are raised in - cheap crappy snacks every day, drinking liters of sodas, no eating culture, busy parents, ads all around pushing crappy food like drugs - for me, it's hard to resist sometimes, though I'm generally more into fruits and homemade food.
And also - in almost every American restaurant I usually order half portion - half salad, half pasta, etc. not because we're short on food in the city where I come from, but because I'm not used with stuffing my stomach till I can't breathe. 

I would really like to promote healthy eating for kids and banning such pushy advertising for cheap and low-quality snacks.
I watched "Food, Inc" documentary and remembered that they had few links in the end of the movie and Hoorayy - I had no doubt other people also care about this, so:

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act

Moms Rising

Hungry for change

I'd be very grateful for other links on the subject!

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